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Information for Visitor
History of the Museum
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Graduation medal of Military SchoolThe Museum of Lithuanian Military Academy of General Jonas Žemaitis

Address: Šilo g. 5a, LT-10322, Vilnius.
Tel. (+370 5) 2103 513.
Fax (+370 ~ 5) 212 73 18.
E-mail: egle.trataite[at]
Head of the Museum – Eglė Trataitė-Žebelienė.

Information for Visitor

Opening hours:
Visits can be booked by arrangements only on Monday to Friday 13–15.

The museum keeps authentic documents, printings, objects, photographs, video and sound records, arms.

Diploma of Military SchoolExposition
Exposition shows training of Lithuanian military officers from 18th century until our days.
First official school prepared armed forces for Lithuania and Poland was Corp of Cadets. It was established in 1765 in Warsaw. Visitors can observe pictures of Stanislovas Augustas Poniatovskis who was founder of Corp of Cadets, King of Lithuania and Poland andmilitary leader Tadas Kosciuška; colorful pictures of soldiers’ uniforms of Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 18th century.
The most important part of exposition is devoted to Lithuanian military school which was established in January 25, 1919 at the period of Lithuanian Freedom Wars. There are exhibited photographs of school pupils, personal belongings, graduation medals, printings, military objects, devices used to train military officers in that period of time.
Individual show-cased is for General Jonas Žemaitis. There are presented his training in the military school, the beginning of his military career, participating in fights of resistance, activity in the Movement for the Freedom Struggle of Lithuania.
Exposition, devoted to the last Head of the School General Jonas Juodišius, presents his photographs, personal belongings that were given as a gift by priest Alfonsas Svarinskas, who was suffering deportation in Siberia with Jonas Juodišius.
The newest exposition shows the period of Independence renewal in March 11, 1990.
In June 16, 1992 in order of Minister of National Defense the School of National Defense was founded, in 1994 it was renamed as Lithuanian Military Academy and since 1998 it has been know as Lithuanian Military School of General Jonas Žemaitis. There are exposited graduation medals, authentic documents, photographs and publications of Military School.

Accurateness measurer (1922)There are held exhibitions of photographs, history and art.

History of the Museum
The museum of Lithuanian Military Academy of General Jonas Žemaitis was established in 1999. First organizers of the museum are: second in command for the military training Colonel Pranas Jankauskas and Colonel of dimenssion, Lieutenant Juozas Banionis, who was a lecturer and instructor in the Academy. On their initiative the exhibits were started to be stored and special room for expositions was given. In June 21, 1999 by commend of the Head of Academy the Museum of Lithuanian Military Academy of General Jonas Žemaitis was established officially. On the 8th of October it was registered at the ministry of Culture.

Photographs are taken by Kęstutis Dijokas

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