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Museum of Children Literature

Address: K. Donelaičio 13, LT-44239 Kaunas.
Tel. (+370 ~ 37) 20 64 88.

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Saturday 9–17.

adults – 1 €; 
pupils, students, pensioners, soldiers – 0,5 €.

In 2014 an interactive exhibition of literature for children "Dive into the Depths of Creativity" was created.
Various examples of fairy tale writing equipment greet visitors at the lobby. Here are pens of different forms which had spent a lot of time in the hands of writers maybe even nibbled before the fairy tales were born. Professional writers usually had faster writing tool – a typewriter – which are very attractive to children. As a result, museum displays three typewriters, one of which is adapted for the visitors with visual impairment. In the niche previously hidden by a screen of shadow theatre now a myriorama, the antique equivalent of today’s cinema, is being displayed. The only difference from cinema nowadays is that images are shown not on screen, but inside the small colourful box with two “ears”. Those “ears” actually are handles. While rotating them the long tape inside illustrated with images of artist M. Jonutis and colourful children’s drawings is being pulled. One can create a tape about anything he wants – about writer, natural phenomenon or school life. Students who would come to workshop will spread new white tape and, after freeing their imaginations, would all sit and watch the “movie” they have created. Fairy gate hangs on the huge window in the lobby and hides inside a secret – fairy tale of Julius Kaupas “Doctor Kripštukas in Hell”. When you open this gate, spaces from this fairy tale emerges through the doors one by one – from stained glass of Kaunas Town Hall tower, to the basements old, uninhabited house. It turns out that the hell has settled in this basement with all its attributes – boiling pots, dirty mirrors, black candles in silver candlesticks, and the Lord of hell moaning of pain.
Tired? You can relax in luxurious “riddle-sitting-bags” scattered all across our fairy tale mansion. When required these sitting-bags are moved in front of the small stage of our little theatre. When the stage opens yellow, red and blue spotlights announce that the play is about to begin. And you our dear visitors are the ones, who will be directing, performing and watching this play. In order to feel as in a real theater and to help with the roleplaying there is mobile decoration of white castle backstage. Hiding behind castle’s windows and doors are various fairy tale characters, eagerly waiting for an involvement. Among them are Quickie (Greitutė) the Ant, Cricket the Musician, Kitty, and little Hare. But what about “riddle-sitting-bags”? Why are they called that? It is so because they are sitting-bags with L. Gutauskas rhymed riddles on their sides. Answers to riddles are calligraphically “encrypted” in the backs of bags. One can sit, read riddles, guess answers, and check if they are correct – very handy! “Riddle-sitting-bags” also invites to listen to fairy tales recorded in CDs while sitting comfortably.
And there is even more! There are secret, mysterious corners in the museum. A magic lantern can be found here which lights up if you clap your hands and illuminates the creaking door leading to the adventure. Through the unusual ramp one is invited to enter the spaceship – a stenographic installation of V. Žilinskaitė tale “Journey to Tandadrik”. As much as five children can enter the spaceship a time, dress-up as a different characters of a tale, and have a breathtaking space journey, visiting nine planets.
Finally, it would not come as a surprise that in some corner there always will be so called “modern technologies”. With the push of the button one can easily get acquainted with rich and inexhaustible treasures of the Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum collection. Photos of children’s writers, their environment, manuscripts, and personal belongings can be found here.
The Museum of Children’s Literature invites children and their educators to the unconventional and entertaining lessons. For adults it also offers to listen to lectures or even hold conferences here.

Other information
Opened in 1991.

Photos by Zenonas Baltrušis


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