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White Linen Shawls, drobulės

The virtual
exhibition “White Linen Shawls, drobulės presents wonders of the collection of
folk art at the Lithuanian Art Museum starting with the most valuable and
unique garments of the Lithuanian village women, drobulės. The exhibition was prepared after the album Shawls of the Lithuanian Village Women edited
by Dalia Bernotaitė-Beliauskienė and published by the Lithuanian Art Museum in
2004. In the foreword, the author of the album notes that „[t]he garments of
the Lithuanian village women of the 18th-20th centuries and separate parts of
the clothing have not been thoroughly enough investigated. There has been
comparatively little written on this theme and a mere few museum collections
have been published. [...] Since of old drobulės
were a common thing, Lithuanian women wove and wore them. It is evidenced
though by scanty written sources from the 17th-20th centuries, iconographic
material, providing ethnography science with important data. [...] Nowadays,
one could find drobulė n a village
save perhaps with a candle in the daylight. However, this white miracle of folk
culture is in museums – kept and taken care of.” (D. Bernotaitė-Beliauskienė, Lietuvos moterų drobulės, Vilnius:
Lietuvos dailės muziejus, 2004, pp. 132-133, translated by L. Zabulienė)
Usually, next to nothing is known about weavers of drobulės. The place where they were worn or bought is not
necessarily the same they were made at. It thus only proves that the issues of
identification are relevant.
We kindly
invite other museums that have drobulės
their collections to share their information and thus enrich this virtual

Unknown folk artist

White Linen

XIX c.

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