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Old Photographs from Kretinga Museum

Kretinga Museum has worked since 1935. Photography collection, on the other hand, was started to build up only in 1940 when a personal archive of Count Aleksandras Tiškevičius (1864-1945) was passed on to the museum.

There are now over 1500 old photographs that comprise Iconography Collection. They trace famous people, cities, towns and settlements in Kretinga region, Lithuania, and foreign countries, as well as architectural and cultural heritage, landscapes, manors, local people, bits and pieces of economic, social, political and cultural life.

Some of the photographs were collected during the expeditions to the surrounding areas of Kretinga and Skuodas as well as Palanga town. Valuable family albums of Petras Končius (1882-1950) and Karolis Parčevskis (1875-1957) along with other photographs were given to the museum by Algirdas Končius (1915-2006).

A considerable number of the works were actually made by local photographers. The first to make photos of Kretinga, its buildings and people was a photographer Paulina Mongirdaitė (1865-1916) from Palanga. Kretinga’s first very own photographer Alfonsas Survila started his business in 1910 whereas the first artistic photo studio “Birutė” was founded before the World War I by his disciple Ignas Stropus (1884-1959) who later moved to Palanga. During the inter-war period new photographers came into the scene: Stasys Vaitkevičius, Kostas Jagutis (1896-1974), and M. Barkauskas worked in Kretinga, Bronius Gluškovas and Stepas Jonutis in Salantai, Elijahu Bruckus (1902-1941) – in Darbėnai.

The virtual exhibition presents old photographs from the collections of Kretinga Museum. Museum-owned family archive of Counts Tiškevičiai is available in museum’s other virtual exhibition “Counts Tiškevičiai”.

Kazimieras Bružas

A Marketplace in Mosėdis in 1927


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