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Samogitia in Iconography

A virtual exhibition Samogitia in Iconography was made as an attempt to stop the flow of time in order to give us the opportunity to once again open our eyes to history, pay tribute to its great men, and see what could be learnt from it.

It presents photographs, postal cards, picture postcards, and documents that mostly reflect the history of Tauragė town, its manor, neighbourhood towns, and villages at the first half of the 20th century. Several photographs of more remote areas of Tauragė district are also on display. They were taken from the personal archive of a collector, a renowned Lithuanian musician, an author of several books about Tauragė region and a dear friend of the Lithuanian Art Museum Albinas Batavičius.

The mission of photography as nation’s visual and infallible memory is, indeed, unique. Entire states, nations, cities, and generations dissolve into nothingness; the photographs, however, if only somebody had managed to capture the past, preserve that memory and remain the only and precious visual testimony of bygone times.

Pictures that narrate pictorially the stories about one’s native land and its people bear the greatest value. Some of them remind us of significant and joyful events, the others, on the other hand, refer to history’s tragic moments. It is, thus, like a chronicle depicting people’s good as well as bad deeds. Some founded, built cities whereas others destroyed them.

Many of the photos presented in the virtual exhibition are sort of homage to those who gave most of their life to Tauragė region. We see them working, dancing, singing, and taking part in performances.

Throughout several years, many good-willed people have been collecting and preparing the material for this exhibition, and it’s by their courtesy that this project has finally reached the daylight. A. Batavičius along with the authors of the exhibition want to express their gratitude for all the help they received in selecting and identifying the photos. It is by this generous contribution that this exhibition was made possible.

In its own turn, the Lithuanian Art Museum is grateful to Albinas Batavičius for providing the iconographic material, which he has been collecting for so many years, to be published in this virtual exhibition.

Unknown author

Postcard “Russian Orthodox Church in Tauragė around 1913”

Ca. 1913

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