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The Battle Of Grunwald

In 2010 Lithuania celebrated the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald which marked the Teutonic Knights´ decisive defeat by the allied force of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The historical legacy bequeathed by the Battle of Grunwald symbolised a new beginning – not only the Teutonic Knights that had been assaulting Lithuanian lands for many years were finally smitten, but also the privileges and rights that they had once been granted over pagan lands were then abolished by Pope´s decree and so the Crusades to Lithuania arrested. According to prof. Mečislovas Jučas, the author of the book “The Battle of Grunwald”, “[f]rom the ideological standpoint, the Teutonic Order faced a complete defeat because right on the eve of the battle its injustice, greed and misdeeds were disclosed. The Battle witnessed the confrontation between the Germanic-Romanic peoples – the prophets of medieval art of war and the bearers of chivalrous war spirit – and the national and political union of Poland and Lithuania. The Battle had an epoch-making significance that laid down the guidelines for future […], and set an inspiring example for Eastern European nations fighting against the iron heel of Mogul Tartars.”

The virtual exhibition is thus dedicated to the 600th anniversary of this important historic event. It will present various cultural heritage objects held in Lithuanian museums, that are, in one way or another, related to the Battle of Grunwald and its heroes. The exhibition will consist of the digitised images of museum valuables, publications, archaeological findings and other items bearing historic and cultural significance. We dearly expect other museums to join the exhibition and complement it with the digitised images of their exhibits. Together we may enrich the mythology of this important moment in our history.

Mečislovas Jučas

“The Battle of Grunwald”


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