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Baltic amber
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Amber Sculpture Museum. Photo by Danutė Mukienė.amber sculpture museum

Address: Aušros Vartų g. 9, LT-01129, Vilnius
Tel.: (+370 ~ 5) 212 19 88, (+370 ~ 5) 272 40 90.
Fax (+370 ~ 5) 2724636.

Information for Visitor

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 10–19;
Saturday 10–17;
Sunday 10–14.

free of charge.

The museum has a big collection of amber inclusions with insects and a very big collection of amber sculptures.

At the Museum. Photo from the Amber Sculpture Museum.The aim of the founders of the museum is to revive the traditions of the past ages in amber working, to produce not only jewellery, but also decorative and exclusive amber articles. The pieces of exposition have been created and collected for 10 years and needed a lot of tedious work.
Hands of Lithuanian artists-jewellers create all amber sculptures; the sculptures are valuable, because they are created from one piece of natural Baltic amber.
The jewellery made from amber inclusions is unique and is highly appreciated! It is a wonderful nature's miracle, giving us the possibility to cast a glance at a remote past!
You can buy everything of it.

Baltic amber
Baltic amber – the marvellous creation of nature, having fossilised and preserved in itself remains of flora and fauna which existed tens millions years ago. Glorified in songs and legends, beautiful and mysterious, amber is prized not only by beauty lovers but also is an object of scientific studies.
Amber with inclusions is the most valuable.
Inclusions are the remains of flora and fauna, caught into the resin of the coniferous tree 55-40 mln. years ago. They are mainly insects (mosquitoes, flies, beetles, anteaters), spiders (cobwebs) and more rare are the rests of the plants. They are the same age of dinosaurs!

Other news
In March 1996, on the basis of the amber sculpture collection of the "AMBER" company was opened the Amber Sculpture Museum.
"AMBER" company is specialised in the amber jewellery production for about 20 years. It produces all kinds of natural Baltic amber articles: beads, necklaces, bracelets, ear-rings, brooches, pendants, rings and also particular things like amber boxes, a unique amber statuettes (elephants, birds, tortoises, flowers, etc.).
Since 1989 the company "AMBER" has been participating in the highest level international jewellery fairs in Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Austria, South Korea.

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