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Information for Visitor
About the Museum

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Locomotive PT-4-153. Photo: Valdas Juodzevičius
Locomotive PT-4-153.
Photo: Valdas Juodzevi-

Fragment of the Exposition.
Photo: Marius Senulis

Fragment of the Exposition.
Photo: Marius Senulis

Šiauliai railroad museum

Address: Dubijos g. 26, LT-77208, Šiauliai.
Tel. (+370 ~ 41) 20 36 84.

Information for Visitor

Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday 7.00–16.00, Friday 7.00–14.45.
Lunch hour 11.00–11.45.
Closed on the last Friday of the month.

free of Charge

the Museum is fitted for visitors with mobility impairments.

About the Museum
The Museum was founded on September 4, 1971 in commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of Šiauliai Railroad Station. The initiator behind the Museum’s founding was the then head of the Šiauliai Railroad Station, A. Petuchovskis.
At the exposition, there are books about railroads, railroad techniques, and means of technology; signal lanterns used in the past, means of communication; examples of railroad tracks produced in various European countries; the everyday items used by railroad workers, coins, and stamps.

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