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Information for Visitor

bicycle museum

Address: Vilniaus g. 139, LT-76353, Šiauliai. 
Tel. (+370 ~ 41) 52 43 95.

Information for Visitor

Opening hours:
Tuesday 10–18, Wednesday 10–19, Thursday – Friday 10–18; Saturday 11–17.

adults – 2 € (6,91 Lt);
schoolchildren, students, pensioners – 1 € (3,5 Lt).

Entry is free:
child under 7, inmates of children's home, disabled of 1-2nd groups, museum professionals, ICOM members. 

Guided tour:
charge – 11 € (37,98 Lt);
schoolchildren, students, soldiers of regular army, pensioners – 5,5 € (19 Lt);
tours with audiogide and e-guide are free.

Photo: Rolandas Parafinavičius

Photo: Rolandas Parafinavičius

Photo: Rolandas Parafinavičius

Exhibition “Bicycle in the World of Technologies” was opened in March 2014
Visitors of the museum are greeted with the interactive exhibition. It combines traditional display and latest technological solutions. Everyone can become active participant and has opportunity to explore the history of bicycles and enjoy entertainment these vehicles provide.
Ones who are willing to compete can test their skills on the interactive display “Race of Centuries” on the ground floor of the museum. Race between modern racing bike and wooden bicycle reconstructed in accordance with the drawings which are nearly five hundred years old will bring joy for children as well as adults. While racing the monitor displays the time, the distance, the speed of riders and who is the winner.
While going up to the first floor visitors can listen to the diversity of bicycle signals displayed in special stand. The renewed exposition extends over two floors. One can explore the development of bicycle through the several main sections of the exhibition. Those are named accordingly: “The Oldest Bike – to Pedal or to Run?”, “Bicycle – a Luxury”, “A Different Bicycle”, “Cycling – exercising!”, “Bicycles of “Vairas” Factory – the Joy of Soviet Period’s Children”, “Velomobile – the Bike of the Future?!”, “Traveling? Choose a Bicycle!”, and “Bikes of the “Baltik Vairas” Factory – for Every Taste!”
At the exhibition on the second floor one can find interactive display with virtual tracks of road cycling. Here anyone can try road cycling. One just need to hop on the bike, choose a route, start pedalling, and immerse himself into the sensations of the virtual track.
Velomobile, an unconventional mean of transport, is also presented here. Everyone is invited to have a virtual travel with it around the city of Šiauliai. For the convenience of visitors there is a lounge area and special information place set up here.
The project was partly funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. Exposition has been renewed by “Terra Media” Ltd. 


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