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Dr. Jonas Šliūpas

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The Memorial Farmstead of Dr. Jonas Šliūpas

The Memorial Farmstead of Dr. Jonas Šliūpas

The Memorial Farmstead of Dr. Jonas Šliūpas

The Memorial Farmstead of Dr. Jonas Šliūpas
Dr. Jonas Šliūpas
Jonas Šliūpas

The Memorial Farmstead of Dr. Jonas Šliūpas

Address: Vytauto g. 23 a., LT-00135 Palanga.
Tel. (+370 ~ 460) 54 559.
E-mail j.sliupo.sodyba[at]

Information for Visitor

Opening hours:
1 May to 31 August:
Monday to Sunday 11–18.
1 September to 30 April:
Tuesday to Saturday 11–17.

1 €.

Opened in 1995, the exposition illustrates the life and work of Dr. Jonas Sliupas (1861-1944), a prominent figure of Lithuania’s struggle for nationhood.

Dr. Jonas Šliūpas
J. Šliūpas was born in 1861 in Rakandžiai (Šiauliai district) and died in 1944 in Berlin.
He was a doctor, an editor of 'Aušra' magazine and a public figure.
He studied philology and law at Moscow University in 1880–1882 and natural science at St. Petersburg University in 1882.
In 1883 J. Šliūpas contributed to the foundation of 'Aušra' magazine and for some time worked as editor of this magazine.
In 1884–1919 he lived in the USA.
In 1889–1891 he studies medicine at Maryland University. He worked as a doctor since 1901 till 1917.
Whilst living in the USA, he edited numerous Lithuanian newspapers and magazines. He also contributed to the foundation of various societies and took part in their activities.
He actively participated in the activities of 'Aušra' society and was its paymaster for some time.
In 1914–1919 he was one of the most active members of the political organisation 'Santara'.
In 1919–1920 he was a representative of Lithuania in Latvia and Estonia.
In 1921 he was the director of the Bank of Lithuania as well as a founder and co-partner of numerous joint-stock companies.
In 1921–1923 he worked as a teacher in Biržai and Šiauliai gymnasiums.
He was one of the organisers and active members of the Libertines Society, which was founded in 1924.
He contributed to the publishing of 'Šiaulių naujienos' (1923–1928) and 'Laisvoji mintis' (1933–1941) newspapers.
In 1923–1930 he gave lectures on the history of medicine in Kaunas University.
J. Šliūpas received a doctor’s degree in medical and humanitarian law.
In 1933–1940 he became the first burgomaster of Palanga.
In 1944 he moved to Austria.

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