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Mykolas Žilinskas Art Gallery | 'Museum for the Blind'

contemporary art exhibition for the blind and partially-sighted people 'museum for the blind'

Fragment of the ExhibitionExposition can be visited by sighted people (a group) with an arranged guide (phone: (+370 ~ 37) 22 94 75)
A guide for the blind and partially-sighted people is Violeta Jasevičiūtė (mob. phone: (+370 600) 97 590)


This is the only in Lithuania permanent active contemporary art exposition dedicated to the blind and partially-sighted people. The visitors claim that such an exposition is unique in Europe.
In the exposition “Museum for the Blind” artists present modernistic and post modernistic works: sculpture, graphics, paintings, textile, objects and installations. Works reflect the variety of materials, the diversity of techniques and genre, and artists’ individual styles and thinking.

Fragment of the ExpositionArt works are universal. They are interesting not only to the blind but also to the sighted people. The exposition is based on one sight aspect; therefore the display concept is based on tactility principle. Labels are written in Braille; graphics is not printed on paper but presented with the help of clichés on which the scored and corroded picture or view could be felt. The subjects of the art works are suitable both for adults and children. The possibilities of contemporary art are unfolded by amusement and playful elements, some pieces do not lack a good sense of humour. Besides sight (in this case – touch), other senses are included – hearing, smell and taste. The works were created by: Robertas Antinis, Arvydas Generauskas, Violeta Jasevičiūtė, Martynas Martišius, Evaldas Pauza, Žilvinas Pabrinkis, Darius Petrulis, Rolandas Rimkūnas, Danielius Sodeika, Algimantas Šlapikas, Vytautas Umbrasas, Lina Jonikė, Virginija Kirvelienė, Eimutis Markūnas, Artūras Rimkevičius.

The pieces are originally labeled and written in Braille. The labels were done by the glass artist Artūras Rimkevičius.


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