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Kauno Tado Ivanausko zoologijos muziejaus eksponatai
Stumbrų biogrupė
Pingvinų diorama
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Vabzdžių salė
Prof. Tado Ivanausko memorialinis kambarys

Kaunas Tadas Ivanauskas Museum of Zoology

Address: Laisvės alėja 106, LT-44253 Kaunas.
Tel./fax (+370 ~ 37) 22 96 75.
Director – dr. Nijolė Gulbinienė.

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 11–19.

Adults – 2,30 €,
pupils, students, disabled, OAP – 1,40 €.  

Guided tours:
charge – 7,20–10,10 €.
Foreign language – 11,50 €.
Ordering excursions by tel. (+370 ~ 37) 22 25 43.

Additional services
A workshop of biological preparations functions at the museum employees of which can make hunting and fishing trophies, stuffed animals and birds, equip biology rooms.

There are more then 250 000 exponents in the Museum’s collection: invertebrates, insects, fishes, amphibian and reptile, birds, mammalian.
Different forms of displays are prepared for collections – stuffed animals and birds, skeletons, moist preparations, fells, skin, anatomical preparations etc.

Exposition of Invertebrates;
Exposition of Insects;
Expositions of Fishes and Reptiles;
Exposition of Birds;
Exposition of Mammalia;
Exposition of Hunting Trophies;
Exposition of Palenthologian Collections;
Tadas Ivanauskas Memorial Room.

Exhibits from expeditions, trips, and private persons’ presents constantly supplement exposition.
Taxidermists of the museum make exhibits. Unique sized giraffes, hippopotami, aurochses, orang-outangs, camel have also been hand-made by taxidermists of the museum.

Exhibitions of conservation of nature, biotechnical means, hunting trophies are being prepared at the Museum.

Cultural, educational activity
Annually thematic excursions for pupils and students are being organized;
Co-operation with Kaunas schoolchildren’s environmental study center is carried on;
Lectures following the preliminary plan are delivered;
Consultations are given to students, interpreters/translators;
Traditional competitions of young recites to commemorate Tadas Ivanauskas’ birthday anniversaries are organized. 

Department of Mollusca;
Department of Insects;
Department of Fishes;
Department of Reptiles;
Department of Birds;
Department of Mammalia.
Center of Ringing Birds (Tel. +370 ~ 37 20 58 70);
Department of Excursions;
Department of Art.

Branch Museums

Ornitological Station Ventės Ragas
Ventės rago ornitologijos stotis
Marių g. 24, Ventė, Kintai, LT-99361 Šilutės Region.
Tel. (+370 ~ 441) 44 516.

Juodkrantė Environmental Monitoring Laboratory
Juodkrantės aplinkos tyrimų laboratorija
Miško g. 4, Juodkrantė, LT-93102 Neringa.
Tel. (+370 ~ 469) 53 151.
E-mail ligita.pareigiene[at]

Museum in the State Nature Reservation of Čepkeliai
Muziejus Čepkelių valstybiniame gamtiniame rezervate
Šilagėlių g. 11, Marcinkonys, LT-65027 Varėnos rajonas.
Tel. (+370 ~ 310) 44 428.

Other news
The naturalist and Professor Tadas Ivanauskas founded the Museum in 1919.
Museum’s establisher – Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Lithuania. 

Photos from the Tadas Ivanauskas Zoology Museum

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