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Folk Art Exhibits of the Museumjoniškis museum of history and culture

Address: Vilniaus g. 6, LT-84147, Joniškis.
Tel. (+370 ~ 426) 52 492, 65 300, 65 011, 65 367.
Mob. +370 652 36 945.
E-mail: muziejus[at], info[at]
Director – Rasa Ališauskienė.

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 8–18, Friday 8–16.45.

Additional services
Ordering and leading excursions through established routes.

The museum collections and displays feature the history of Joniškis and its cultural heritage, and reflect the activities of the most prominent people of the area.

The Lithuanian Customs Official's uniform from the period of 1918–1940 (the only one in Lithuania)Exhibitions
Every year exhibits are organized (most often applied and folk-art).

Cultural, educational activity
Propagation scientists' and artists' works descendants of Joniskis region.
Visiting countryside, historical and other places of interest.
Organising historical theme educational activity.
During last three years, the Museum collaborated in publishing five publications. One about Matas Slančiauskas, another about Marcė Katiliūtė and three about armed resistance in the Joniskis region.

Branch Museums

The Farmstead of Folklorist Matas Slančiauskas
Address: Reibinių kaimas, LT-84379, Skaistgirio seniūnija, Joniškio rajonas.
Tel. (+370 ~ 426) 52 492.
Exhibits items at the folklorist's farmstead describe his life and projects.

Rudiškiai Museum
Address: Rudiškių kaimas, Rudiškių seniūnija, Joniškio rajonas.
Tel.: (+370 ~ 426) 52 492.
Items on exhibition at the Museum include household items, furniture, textiles, handiworks, photographs, publications.

Other news
The museum was opened to the public in 1989.
The organizer – Joniškis Municipality.

Joniškis, town in northern Lithuania situated 14 km from the Latvian border.
Joniskis was founded by Bishop John of Vilnius in 1526 when he gave permission for the construction of a church to serve the Catholic faithful along the Latvian border.
By 1530 the town had one of the first elementary schools in Lithuania and by 1589 it had entered the grouping of towns known as the "king's table estate", centred at Šiauliai.
In 1616 it received Magdeburg Town Law.
With the Russian occupation of Lithuania in 1795, Joniškis and it environs became the possession of the Russian Count Platon Zubov. But because of constant unrest and resistance on the part of the town's inhabitants, it was granted self-rule.
In 1890–1891 the church currently standing in the town was erected. It is an example of Lithuanian eclecticism, with its high tower and nave.
Joniškis' greatest period of growth and development occurred during the years of Lithuania's independence (1918–1940).

Photos by G. Viečienė

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