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Information for Visitor
Cultural, educational
Branch Museum
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Kaunas City Museum

Kaunas City Museum

Kaunas Castle 

Kaunas City Museum

Kaunas Castle

Kaunas City Museum

Kaunas Castle

Kaunas City Museum

kaunas city Museum

Address: M. Valančiaus g. 6, LT-44275, Kaunas.
Tel.: (+370 ~ 37) 20 82 20.
E-mail: miestomuziejus[at]
Director – Rita Garbaravičienė, tel. (+370 ~ 37) 20 79 47.
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Information for Visitor

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Friday 9–17h.
Saturday 9–16h.

adults – 6 Lt (1,74 €);
pupils, students, seniors – 4 Lt (1,16 €).

Free entrance for: children under school age, children from foster home, children under social support, the disabled of Group I and Group II, museologists of Lithuanian republican museums, members of International Council of Museums.

Guided tours:
charge – 20–40 Lt (5,79–11,58 €).
To order please call (+370 ~ 37) 20 82 20. 

The museum accumulates collections of the city history, science and industry, culture and art, sound and video, and archaeology.


Kaunas in the signs of time
The exposition presents the history of Kaunas, covering the period from ancient times to 1940.

New exhibitions are constantly opened in the museum both demonstrating the museum collections and modern art: these are painting, photography, china, ceramics, glass, clay, folk art and other exhibitions.

Cultural and educational activity
Educational projects;
Third-Age University;
Thematic evenings;
Social events;
Pupil’s history competitions;
Film screenings;
Methodical conferences of the teachers;
Conferences of local historians;
Schools of junior historians;
Other activities.

Branch Museum

Povilas Stulga's Museum of Lithuanian Folk Instruments

M. and K. Petrauskai Lithuanian Music Museum

Kaunas Castle
Pilies g. 17 LT–44322, Kaunas.
Tel. (+370 ~ 37) 300 672.
Email kaunopilis[at], muziejus.kauno.pilis[at]
Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 10-18 h, Saturday 10-17h.
Admission: adults – 8 Lt (2,32 €), pupils, students, seniors – 4 Lt (1,16 €).
Kaunas Castle is the first brick castle in Lithuania which construction began at the confluence of the Nemunas and the Neris in the middle of the XIV century. Kaunas Castle laid foundations to the creation of Kaunas city. Kaunas Castle is a department of Kaunas city museum: painting, sculpture, ceramics and other exhibitions as well as festive events are organized there. The exposition „Mosaic of the history of Kaunas Castle“ started in May 2012. The exposition presents the history of Kaunas Castle from the XIV century up to now, the most significant historic facts and personalities, metamorphoses of the castle buildings, change in functions of the castle etc. to its visitors. The exposition laid in three spaces of the castle tower is both interesting for visitors looking for historic facts and authentic exhibits and those desiring to take pleasure...

Juozas Gruodis Museum
Address: Salako g. 18, LT-44136, Kaunas.
Tel. (+370 ~ 37) 73 24 98.
Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 9–17, Saturday 9–16.
Admission: adults – 6 Lt (1,74 €), pupils, students, seniors – 4 Lt (1,16 €).
The museum was founded in 1977 in the home which composer Juozas Gruodis (1884–1948) lived from 1932. The exhibition reflects the composer’s life and creative work. Chamber music concerts and meetings with well-known musicians are also held here.

Exposition “Exile and Resistance”
Address: Vytauto pr. 46, LT-44322, Kaunas.
Tel. (+370 ~ 37) 32 31 79.
E-mail: rezistencija[at]
Director – Darius Juodis.
Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 9–17 h, Saturday 9–16 h.
Admission: adults – 6 Lt (1,74 €), pupils, students, seniors – 4 Lt (1,16 €).
This exposition reflects the period of Lithuania’s fight for freedom between 1940 and 1990. Material presented in the exposition reveals some facts about guerrilla war, people’s sufferings in exile, prisons, concentration camps and etc. The museum has collected thousands of items that witness the past: personal belongings of the partisans, prisoners of conscience and people in exile, original documents, photographs; one can also find a library and a videotape library.
The museum was opened on June 4, 1993 initiated by the Union of Lithuanian Political Prisoners and Deportees. Since 2006 it belongs to Kaunas City Museum.

Other news
The museum pursues the activities of the first Kaunas City Museum, which was opened in 1897 under the title and the Museum of Science and Industry.
The museum was renewed on October 20, 2005.
Founder of the Museum is Kaunas city Municipality.

Photos by Agnietė Janušaitė-Vitkūnienė ir Brigita Adomavičiūtė

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