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The Ex-Libris Museum of Povilas Višinskis, Šiauliai Public Library

Address: Šiaulių apskrities P. Višinskio viešoji biblioteka, Aušros al. 62, LT-5419, Šiauliai.
Tel. (+370 ~ 41) 52 37 54.
Fax (+370 ~ 41) 52 37 50.

The idea of founding the Ex-libris Museum in Šiauliai is connected with the 50-year anniversary of the Povilas Višinskis library. When the international ex-libris competition “Ex-libris 50 for the Povilas Visinskis Siauliai Library” was announced, many artists from various countries (Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, The Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Moldavia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, South Korea, Thailand, The Ukraine, The United States, Uruguay and Yugoslavia) responded by sending in their works. Over 150 artists from 28 countries created more than three hundred book seals. Ex-libris creators from Lithuania also took very active part in the competition. All of them are very well-known: A. Čapskytė, A. Čapauskas, G. Didelytė, J. Galdikaitė, D. Grybauskas, A. Indrašius, A. Paulauskienė, B. Stancikaitė, N. Šaltenytė, P. Šiaučiūnas, R. Gaižauskaitė, V. Šliuželis, S. Burneckis, M. Dilinskienė, L. Žalogienė, V. Janulis as well as students of the Šiauliai University Art Department under the supervision of R. Buivydas. The main part of the museum exhibition consists of the art pieces created by these people in addition to the Ex-librises presented to the library by G. Bogdanavičius. A. Čepkauskas, V. Jucys, Z. Jozwik (Poland), A. Gozdor (Poland), V. Milius, J. Nekrasas, V. Rimkus, P. Siauciunas and other enthusiasts also presented their collections of ex-librises and publications about them.
The aim of the museum is not only to collect and compile book seals, graphic engravings, miniature graphic pictures, booklets, catalogues, and other publications connected with book design and ex-libris, but also to create an opportunity for visitors to better get to know miniature graphic art and the historical development of ex-libris. Other goals are to popularize the book seals and their creators, to arrange meetings with the artists, and to organize exhibitions and competitions.

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The Ex-libris Museum of Povilas Višinskis was founded in 2001.

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